Jay-Z and Beyoncé become GRAMMY Awards most-nominated artists of all time


Jay-Z and Beyonce become GRAMMY Awards most-nominated artists of all time.

As of 2021, Jay-Z was the artist with the most GRAMMY Awards nominations with a total of 83 nods. Beyonce was the most nominated woman of all time amassing a total of 79 nominations. She was also the most-awarded female artist in GRAMMY history with 28 wins, a tie with Quincy Jones.

Fast forward to 2022, Beyonce almost beat her husband, Jay-Z to become GRAMMYs most-nominated artist of all time. Jay-Z had 5 nominations at the 2023 GRAMMYs, bringing his total nominations to 88.

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Whiles his wife, Beyonce scooped 9 nominations, also totaling 88. She almost pulled a quick one on him, but it is evident that is bound to happen. Unless of course, they reach a compromise for the next GRAMMY Awards, which would be quite needless or impossible.

Nonetheless, Jay-Z and Beyonce are now GRAMMYs most-nominated artists of all time. The two set an unbeatable record of being the first married couple to make a tie on the major career feat. They currently sit pretty in the tie as the golden record holders of the GRAMMYs.

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Moreover, if Beyonce wins at least 4 out of her 9 nominations, she becomes the artist with the most GRAMMY award wins in history. Whiles her husband, Jay-Z lags with just 24 wins at the Grammy Awards as of 2021.

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