VIDEO: Husband caught Pastor in bed with his pregnant wife


VIDEO: Husband caught Pastor in bed with his pregnant wife.

Imagine catching your wife cheating on you with her pastor on your matrimonial bed. It is such a grueling sight to behold, right? Well, that was the situation of a married man, who came home to meet a pastor having sex with his pregnant wife.

According to the reports, the man walked into the room and caught them in the act. He pulled out his phone and began filming them after minutes of shock. The deeply aggrieved man allegedly later leaked the video on social media, possibly out of vengeance.

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The video has been making rounds on the internet and has gotten social media buzzing. The pregnant woman has been identified as Martha as mentioned by her supposed husband in the video.

Moreover, the trending video also showed the floor of the room also had an arrangement of ritual items. This evidently indicates the pastor and the pregnant woman were purposeful in undertaking the act.

Watch the video via the link below:

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