Huge timber logs fall on cars in Bogoso accident


Huge timber logs fall on cars in Bogoso accident.

On November 19, 2022, an accident involving a Daf truck and five other vehicles at Bogoso in the Western Region resulted in one person being reported deceased and four others being injured.

According to a police investigation, the Daf truck’s driver lost control while negotiating a bend after travelling with logs from the Prestea end of the route to Bogoso.

As a result, the logs landed on five more automobiles.

The MTTD has employees on the property, and traffic is now allowed on the road.

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The victims who are allegedly trapped in the accident vehicles are being rescued with the help of the Ghana National Fire Service.

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The Daf truck’s braking system malfunctioned, according to Augustus Osei, the driver of one of the vehicles involved in the collision, which caused the disaster.

“I was coming from Boadie to Bogoso, and we had skirted the roundabout,” the guy whose death has been confirmed in the Bogoso tragedy, said. Despite the Daf truck already being up the slope, all we could see it doing was reverse, so I yelled for my passengers to get out of the car.

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He described how “three of us in the car managed to get out, but one person.”


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