Hajia4Reall returns to the gram after release from police custody


Hajia4Reall returns to the gram after release from police custody.

The ‘Fine Girl’ hitmaker, Hajia4Reall returns to the gram following her arrest and release from prison. Well, if you ask me, she looks even finer on return, as she glowed in a beautiful smile.

The socialite cum musician was arrested in the UK following an alleged $8 million fraud case. She was in police custody for all this while until recently when she was released. We are yet to ascertain whether she was acquitted or if her case is still in court.

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However, what we are sure of is Hajia4Reall was released and she has finally returned to the gram. In a new video she posted on Instagram she was all smiles as she thanked Ghanaians for praying for her during her ordeal.

Moreover, she said she misses her fans so much and she is sure they miss her too. Therefore, she is glad she can finally get to see them again and go about her usual activities.

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