Teni goes hard on those saying her weight loss was due to surgery


Teni goes hard on those saying her weight loss was due to surgery.

Top Nigerian vocalist, Teni has lost a lot of weight now. Considering the fact that she was plus size, she now looks slimmer than anyone could have ever anticipated.

Enviable as her weight loss journey may be, many are speculating Teni went under the knife. Thus, she had to undergo surgery to get rid of such an enormous amount of weight within this short time.

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However, the iconic songstress says she just worked hard to lose 75 pounds of weight. This, many were still skeptical about as they continued to peddle she went under the knife to get such quick results.

Teni did not take that lightly as she went hard on them. She lambasted them for what she called witless commentary.

“LOST 75 POUNDS no surgery! Dumb asses claiming I did can suck mine!” she tweeted.

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