Nasty C insists Shatta Wale isn’t popular outside Ghana, he honestly didn’t know him


Nasty C insists Shatta Wale isn’t popular outside Ghana, he honestly didn’t know him.

Def Jam Recordings signee, Nasty C reiterates he did not know Shatta Wale when he came to Ghana. He first made the statement years ago when he was in Accra to promote his album. The statement he made during an interview spiked some controversies.

However, years after, Nasty C insists he really did not know Shatta Wale. According to him, it was just his honest response to whether he knows Shatta Wale.

Just that the media made a fuzz off it by twisting his words to sound denigratory. This almost messed up the media rounds for his album promotion. Nonetheless, he still stands by his words because that was his honest opinion about Shatta Wale.

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Moreover, Nasty C revealed Shatta Wale understood what he was saying perfectly. However, he still wanted to speak about it to put the issue to rest and show Shatta Wale some respect.

It was rather surprising he still referred to Shatta Wale as ‘That man’ in the recent rap statement. Doesn’t that suggest he still does not know Shatta Wale? Well, your guess is as good as mine.

Meanwhile, the South African rapper was on SA Metro FM’s The Touch Down when he made these statements. He rapped about this and other issues in a freestyle during the show.

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