Fella Makafui caught faking it on social media, confesses she borrowed car to flaunt and give pressure


Fella Makafui caught faking it on social media, confesses she borrowed car to flaunt and give pressure.

Earlier today, popular actress, Fella Makafui flaunted a car on social media, making a very bold statement. The car, a Chevrolet Corvette was lavishly flaunted in the photos she posted. She was seen driving the car in one shot and posing by it in others.

Fella Makafui captioned the post “Worth every Headache,” implying how hard she worked to get the car. Thus, she is now enjoying the fruit of her labor, since she can now afford to buy the luxury car thanks to her hard work. Therefore, the luxury she is enjoying now is worth her hard work(headache).

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However, controversial blogger, Bongo Ideas exposed Fella Makafui’s fake lifestyle alleging she borrowed the car. She is faking it on social media possibly for clout. Thus, the car she flaunted does not belong to her, she borrowed it to just show off on social media. The Chevrolet Corvette belongs to one KellyB, he revealed.

Moreover, upon further interrogations, Fella Makafui confessed the car is not hers. She revealed she did not tell anyone it was hers in the first place. Though her reply somewhat vindicated Bongo Ideas. She, however, claims she did not mean to fake it on social media as he is alleging.

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Check out the banter via the image below:

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