Ghana’s Cardinal in Rome, Cardinal Richard Baawobr dies


Ghana’s Cardinal in Rome, Cardinal Richard Baawobr dies.

One of the top-ranking priests of the Roman Catholic Church who happens to be a Ghanaian, Cardinal Richard Kuuai Baawobr is dead. The reverend Cardinal died last Sunday after he was taken to the Gemelli Hospital in an ambulance.

The indisposed cardinal arrived at the Gemelli Hospital at 5:45 pm and died at 6:25 pm. His confrere though saddened by his sudden demise, are confident he returned to the Lord, whom he dedicated his whole life to serve until his death.

An official statement was released from Rome, where he died, to announce the sad news. It also sent prayers and peace to all those affected by the loss of Cardinal Richard Baawobr as they pray his soul finds rest in the Lord.

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Moreover, His Eminence Richard Kuuai Baawobr died at age 63. He was known across Africa for his charity works, most especially his love for people with mental health challenges and people abandoned by their families.

Read the statement below:

Before his death, Cardinal Richard Kuuai Baawobr was the Bishop of Wa, Upper West region. He was elevated to a Cardinal and months later, he was elected Head of the Roman Catholic Church in Africa. By these, he become first Ghanaian to be the Head of Church in the continent and the third Cardinal from Ghana.

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Meanwhile, a Cardinal is an official, appointed by the Pope to be part of the Catholic Church Council that elects a Pope. Usually a priest of the Catholic Church, a Cardinal ranks only below the Pope and the Patriarch.

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