Bola Ray makes Shatta Wale apologise on his knees to Ebony Condoms boss


Bola Ray makes Shatta Wale apologize on his knees to Ebony Condoms boss.

A few weeks ago, Shatta Wale failed to show up to perform at the Hogbetsotso Beach Rave festival. Though billed to perform as the Headliner of the show, he vanished from the event grounds without performing.

He later explained in a Facebook Live he left following an altercation with one of the organizers. According to him, the organizer wanted to force him to do a radio interview. This, he says was not part of their agreement, and that is why he jilted the show.

However, following the advice of his godfather, Bola Ray, Shatta Wale visited the management of Ebony Condoms to apologize for what he did. Bola Ray interceded for him after which Shatta Wale went down on his knees to apologize.

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In a video shared by Ronnie Is Everywhere, Bola Ray was heard saying “That’s why we are here. It’s unfortunate what happened…”

Nonetheless, the executive director of Total Family Health Organisation and brand owner of Ebony Condoms, Joseph Addo-Yobo held Shatta Wale up from his knees. He told him he did not need to go down on his knees to apologize.

Shatta Wale then proceeded to hug him and the lady he was with before being made to resume his seat. The lady noted that his too-humble apology was not the reason for their gathering.

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Watch the videos below:

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