Photos of Davido and Chioma’s wedding rings pop up


Photos of Davido and Chioma’s wedding rings pop up.

Davido and Chioma have been off social media and the public domain for some time now. This was following the death of their son, Ifeanyi, who drowned to death, causing them great pain.

Unable to get over their only son’s death, they have been mourning in private and also stayed away from the public domain. During this period, rumors had it that Davido and Chioma got married as a way to console themselves.

The rumors could not be confirmed because the family chose to shroud everything in secrecy. However, Davido just made his first public appearance with Chioma. He came out to support his uncle, Senator Ademola Adeleke, the Osun state’s governor-elect at his inauguration ceremony.

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The couple looked quite better now, maybe they have finally come to terms with the loss of their son. Nonetheless, one major thing that also caught the attention of many was Davido and Chioma’s wedding rings. In the photos that were taken during their first outing, the couple were seen wearing wedding rings.

Moreover, the wedding bands were spotted on both of them. These photos of Davido and Chioma’s wedding rings caused a buzz on social media. Many were speculating the rumors have now been confirmed, whilst others still harbored doubts.

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Check out the photos below:

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