Virgin Mary statue cries out blood in Catholic Church, priest reports


Virgin Mary statue cries out blood in Catholic Church, priest reports.

A statue of Jesus Christ’s mother, Virgin Mary cries blood in a Catholic Church in Lagos, Nigeria. The holy statue shed tears of blood as it stood as it was mounted in the Church.

According to the Reverand Father, Fada Mentor, the shocking incident happened at the St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Agodo Agbe, Lagos. He heard the Blessed Virgin Mary was shedding blood as tears in the Church.

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Moreover, with crying emojis, the Catholic priest seemed disturbed by the incident. This is probably because he is yet to ascertain why it happened. That is if indeed it happened as the reports he received indicate.

However, for sure, if it did happen, then there must be a plausible explanation. This would most probably be a spiritual one for that matter.

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