Coalition of Concerned Students petition for an injunction on TONSU elections 2022


Coalition of Concerned Students petition for an injunction on TONSU elections 2022.

The Coalition of Concerned Students of Toende Students’ Union(TONSU) has petitioned the Electoral Commission(EC) and Executive Council of the union. The petition regarding the ongoing proceedings for the 2022 elections of TONSU was released today.

The group says they noted with concern, the EC’s non-democratic decision to adopt an online voting system. Thus, without consulting the various factions in the elections nor the union, the commission wants to push through with its plans without the needed consensus.

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That is why the Coalition of Concerned Students of TONSU upon extensive examination of the proposal seeks to stand against it. Noting several reasons for their stance, the group called for an immediate injunction on the electoral processes and a subsequent abolishment of the proposed online voting system.

Moreover, the pressure group also made a case for the very limited time the Electoral Commission gave for voter registration. It argues the time is too short to capture all the union members. Besides, there was no electoral timetable to guide members on how to fit into their calendar.

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Therefore, aside from the injunction, the group wants the Voter Registration exercise to be extended to a much later date. These among other pleas they demanded in their 4-page petition.

Check out the Petition below:

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