Moesha Boduong goes mad over Kizz Daniel’s Odo


Moesha Boduong goes mad over Kizz Daniel’s Odo.

Popular Ghanaian socialite, Moesha Boduong goes mad again over Kizz Daniel’s Odo(cough) song. Despite giving her life to Christ, she went wild again in a recent video twerking to madly Odo.

Moesha Boduong was spotted in a club twerking to the amusement of the people present. She could not control herself when Kizz Daniel’s Odo song was played. The people in the club were shocked to see her twerking wildly, they began taking videos of her.

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However, though unsure of what took her to the club, it was quite evident she was not in her right frame of mind. Thus, since she is now a born-again Christian, she would not do that in her right senses.

The gorgeous actress announced she is now born again following her ordeal about a year ago. The said ordeal according to reports, made Moesha Boduong lose her sanity. However, following her indisposition, she announced she has now given her life to Christ.

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