Jackie Appiah constructs ultramodern toilet facility and electric borehole for her hometown, donates cash and other items


Jackie Appiah constructs ultramodern toilet facility and electric borehole for her hometown, donates cash and other items.

Today is the birthday of the gorgeous Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah. The top celebrated screen goddess celebrated her special day as usual in grand style.

In the build-up to the birthday celebration today, she stormed Kumasi yesterday. Earlier today, she dropped her groundbreaking birthday photos. This got social media buzzing with compliments and birthday wishes.

Later in the day, Jackie Appiah presented an ultramodern toilet facility and an electric borehole she constructed in her hometown. There was a grand durbar in her hometown, Ejisu Abankuro, Kumasi for this purpose.

However, that not was all, she again donated some items to the community. This included mattresses, bags, clothes, shoes, books, boxes of tomato pastes, water and drinks, and bags of rice amongst others. She also added an undisclosed huge sum of money.

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Moreover, the birthday celebration event held to commission the projects was graced by many people. Jackie Appiah’s mother was present with her aunties and other family members and her manager. The ceremony was also graced by the Chiefs, Queen mothers, and elders of Ejisu Abankuro.

The multiple award-winning actress used the opportunity to educate the community on the need for good hygiene. She advised them on how best to practice good hygiene to live healthier lives.

Meanwhile, Jackie Appiah’s birthday celebrations each year are always characterized by such acts of benevolence. She undoubtedly has a golden heart and she shows it by giving back to society.

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Last year, she constructed similar projects for a community in dire need of it in the Northern region. In previous years, she undertook similar philanthropic activities as part of her birthday celebration.

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