Too Spyce blows Richie Mensah away, grabs Lynx Entertainment packages


Too Spyce blows Richie Mensah away, grabs Lynx Entertainment packages.

Last Sunday was TV3 Mentor XI’s semi-finals, the final eviction night. The six remaining contestants were put on the edge to give off their best to earn a spot in the forthcoming finals.

The contestants stepped up their game in a battle of two each and subsequently a solo performance. However, Too Spyce took the night’s performances to a whole new level. Having been putting up spectacular performances each week, her performance last night was completely breathtaking.

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Though she has been winning Star Performer, last night she won both Star Performer and Best Costume. The feat is quite unprecedented, but she absolutely deserved it.

Moreover, Too Spyce won three rewards from Richie Mensah after sweeping him off his feet. Thus, the CEO of Lynx Entertainment promised her a free song recording, a music video shoot, and a song promotion. He literally gave her a full hit song package from Lynx Entertainment.

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