Bank of Ghana upgrades GHS 1 coin, enhances security features


Bank of Ghana upgrades GHS 1 coin, enhances security features.

The Bank of Ghana (BoG) has upgraded the GHS 1 coin with an enhanced security features.

A statement issued by the Regulator said the Bank will issue the upgraded GHS1 coin into circulation from Monday 12 December 2022.

The coin is similar to the existing GHS 1 coin in shape, form and images, the coat of arms in front and the scale of justice at the back.

The upgraded GHS1 coin is bi-metallic with an outer gold and inner silver. The coin has a pronounced rough edge and incorporates a latent image which appears in a rectangular form below the Scale of Justice at the back.

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The latent image changes from a radiating star to a One Ghana Cedi symbol and sandwiched between two stars when tilted. The existing and the upgraded GHS1 coin will co-circulate until the existing coin is gradually withdrawn.

“The Bank encourages the public to accept the coins and use them, the statement added.


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