Akon strongly warns major international record labels about Black Sherif


Akon strongly warns major international record labels about Black Sherif, he’s the voice of the youth in Africa.

Globally acclaimed African-American music superstar, Akon talks about Black Sherif. He spoke about him in connection with the rise of Afrobeats in the global music scene. He was speaking in an interview with Eddie Kadi on BBC Radio 1Xtra.

Akon revealed he is a huge fan of Black Sherif. According to Akon, Black Sherif reminds him of the energy with which he came out as an artist. That is most probably why he loves Black Sherif that much.

Moreover, Akon noted he listens to Black Sherif’s music and all sees is originality. The way the Ghanaian young music star passionately tells his life story in his music is so real.

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He can attest to that because Black Sherif is telling the true life story of his struggles to make it from a ghetto. That is why you can feel Black Sherif’s pains, challenges, and struggles in his voice as he sings. Thus, he tells a story that is not fabricated, but which are from a life he once lived.

Further speaking, Akon said Black Sherif is going to be one of the world’s biggest music superstars. He, therefore, sent a stern warning to all major international record labels about Black Sherif. He said if they haven’t signed Black Sherif yet, they better get him signed before he goes all out for him.

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“If no major picks him up, they need to get to him before I do,” Akon warned the major record labels.

Watch the video below:

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