You can sleep in the toilet – Jackie Appiah as she gives toilet facility to her hometown


You can sleep in the toilet – Jackie Appiah as she gives toilet facility to her hometown

Arguably Ghana’s biggest actress, Jackie Appiah has been impacting lives through her Jackie Appiah foundation for nearly two decades. That is why every year on her birthday, 5th December, she touches the lives of a deprived community in Ghana.

Jackie Appiah has been on a journey to make life more comfortable for many underprivileged Ghanaians. She does so by providing them with the requisite social amenities they lack.

This year, the actress made a stop at her hometown, Ejisu Abenkro in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. She built a 10-unit ultramodern toilet facility and an electric borehole for them. She commissioned and handed over the facilities to the community on her birthday this year.

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Moreover, Jackie Appiah also donated numerous items to the people of the community. She gave them mattresses, bags, clothes, shoes, books, boxes of tomato pastes, water and drinks, and bags of rice amongst others. She also added an undisclosed huge sum of money.

The multiple award-winning actress speaking on the project said she wanted to give the people luxury. So she stocked the toilet with various luxury items. One can literally sleep in it right now.

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