Wizkid apologises for failing to perform at his Wizkid Live concert, announces new concert date soon


Wizkid apologizes for failing to perform at his Wizkid Live concert, announces new concert date soon.

The biggest news today was arguably Wizkid’s flopped concert in Ghana. The show turned out a mess after Wizkid failed to perform as well as others headline performers.

Patrons of the show left the venue, Accra Sports Stadium very angry and disappointed in Wizkid. The organizers, Live Hub Entertainment released a statement saying it was as a result of a contractual breach on the part of Wizkid. They, therefore, promised to fully refund the ticket monies of patrons.

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However, Wizkid begged to differ as he released a counterstatement. According to him, the organizers failed woefully in putting the show together. So he had to call it quits because he wanted a better show worthy of fans.

In view of this, Wizkid announced a new show he is putting together for his Ghanaian fans. The date for this better concert would be announced soon.

Meanwhile, the ‘Essence’ hitmaker noted he holds his Ghanaian fans dearly to his heart. That is why he could not cancel last night’s performance without a very good reason. He, therefore, sincerely apologized for the inconvenience his decision caused.

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