Blakk Rasta returns all awards he won via voting, he’s done and dusted with the plaque buying awards schemes


Blakk Rasta returns all awards he won via voting, he’s done and dusted with the ‘plaque buying’ award schemes.

Ghanaian media personality and Reggae artist, Blakk Rasta is returning all awards he ever won via public voting. He is returning the award plaques to the respective award schemes because he is not a big fan of voting with money to win an award.

According to Blakk Rasta, he has never been in support of the ‘voting to win technique’ used by most Ghanaian award schemes. Their ‘your fans didn’t vote, so you didn’t win’ cliché is highly unacceptable and must be corrected.

He took to his Instagram handle to make the pronouncements. He said:

“I hardly do a thing like this but once in a while we just need to answer a few questions, you know. I have said time and again that I do not want to be part of any award scheme that has to do with voting to win.”

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“For me, it’s a way of buying votes. Now, if you have an award scheme, you nominate some people and then you ask the fans of these people that you have nominated to vote so that their favourite artiste can win then you go ahead and tell them that the more you vote, the more you place your artiste on a higher pedestal of winning and if the artiste doesn’t win, the biggest excuse they normally give, ‘your people didn’t vote’,” he added.

Thus, Blakk Rasta wants people to be awarded based on merit other than the plaque-buying scheme of voting to win. This is because it makes it ‘the rich’ buying awards(plaques) rather than meritorious recognition.

“it becomes a vote to win an award, it’s not about merits anymore. You can be the best, but as long as your people do not vote, you will be the worst. So, I decided that I will not be part of this anymore. It’s done, it’s dusted,” he bemoaned and declared.

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Moreover, the recently ordained man-of-God prayed many others would realize the mediocrity and start withdrawing from such award schemes. This is because most of the award schemes are not really recognizing good works but votes just to make money.

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