Lady dating madman threatens to commit suicide if she’s not allowed to marry him


Lady dating madman threatens to commit suicide if she’s not allowed to marry him.

Ever thought of a romantic relationship between the sane and the insane? Is dating someone who is insane insanity or just another love story?

Well, that is the case of Vivian, 19, a young lady dating a madman. They have been in a romantic relationship for years, hoping to get married soon. The two have also been intimate throughout their unusual affair.

According to the lady, they dated for four years before he went mad. He proposed to her when she was just 15 years of age.

Her man was not insane until one day she visited him with food. He started by complaining of a headache but when she brought him water, he attacked her. So, she had to run away.

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Unfortunately, she never saw him again until later when his madness had gotten worse. Therefore, she caught him and took him for a haircut, and afterward their love story continued. That is why despite his madness, their love is still strong. They are madly in love.

Speaking in a recent interview, the lady said her mad boyfriend made her very happy. That is why she wants to marry him and have children with him. She would not allow anybody to stop her not even her family.

Moreover, she threatened to commit suicide if her family does not allow her to marry him. The madman is the love of her life, so they should not try to separate her from him.

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Answering whether there is a blood covenant between her and the mad boyfriend, she said no. Her brother, who is in opposition to their relationship bemoaned she is dragging the family’s name into shame.

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