Davido retorts Bongo Ideas’ blame for his son’s death, DMs him regarding the accusation


Davido retorts Bongo Ideas’ blame for his son’s death, DMs him regarding the accusation.

Nigeria’s music superstar, Davido lost his son recently in a drowning incident at his house. The singer was broken after his son, Ifeanyi drowned to death. The unfortunate incident took him out of the public domain as he mourned.

However, amid his excruciating ordeal, he was received with several accusations. One of which is that of Ghanaian blogger, Bongo Ideas, who blamed him for his son’s death. According to him, Davido’s carelessness as a father caused his son’s death.

Thus, a responsible father could have averted any such situation from happening. He made these accusations via his Twitter handle at the time.

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As Davido returned from his hiatus following his son’s death, he DMed the blogger regarding the accusation. In a screenshot shared by Bongo Ideas, Davido sent him a DM. Davido told Bongo Ideas he wishes what happened to him(Davido) doesn’t happen to him.

Moreover, acting unsure of what Davido was referring to, Bongo Idea asked why he was saying so. Davido then sent him a screenshot of his tweets in which he blamed him for his son’s death.

Pained by Bongo Ideas’ ruthless comments, he prayed for him asking God to bless him(Bongo Ideas). Afterward, the controversial blogger shared screenshots of Davido’s DM messages on social media.

Still taking a defensive stand, Bongo Ideas said those comments were just his opinion. Besides, he believes that but for Davido’s carelessness, recklessness, and negligence, his son’s death could have been avoided.

He posted: “Davido just sent me a DM on Twitter. I thought he wanted to send me a shout-out, but clearly he was sarcastically thanking and blessing me for a tweet I made when his son passed away two fortnights ago.

I called him out for being careless and reckless because I believe the boy’s avoidable death was largely a result of his negligence.

He obviously does not like it, but that’s my opinion!

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