Nollywood actor Emeka Ani cries for help as he almost goes blind


Nollywood actor Emeka Ani cries for help as he almost goes blind.

Veteran Nollywood actor, Emeka Ani cries for help in a recent video. He sadly narrated his current medical condition which is gradually making him lose his eyesight.

According to the popular actor, a spot is growing in his eyes which is making him go blind. His condition requires emergency medical assistance abroad to save him from going completely blind.

He noted his eye surgery needs to be done abroad because he has already tried numerous Nigerian Hospitals to no avail. He, therefore, pleads with everyone who can, to help him go abroad for the surgery.

Moreover, not too long ago Emeka Ani was battling with Stroke and a strange butt wound. He pleaded for assistance and received six million Nairas in November from the senior prophet of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry Warri, Jeremiah Fufeyin.

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However, despite dealing with those medical issues, he now needs assistance for his eye surgery. This current procedure is urgent because failure to do so may lead to his blindness.

The actor made these revelations in a recent video published on Sunday via the Instagram handle of his friend, Muonago Collins.

“There was a growth around my eyes, if you look at it very well you’ll see the growth coming to the black spot and if care is not properly taken, it might result to blindness.

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So I want to plead with you once again my brothers and sisters to kindly help me so I can be taken abroad for proper medication and surgery. I have gone to so many hospitals here in Nigeria but to no avail. Please kindly help me so I can make use of my sight once again,” he said.

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