Gåy rapper, Lil Nas X reveals he has a son and he’s no longer hiding him


Gåy rapper, Lil Nas X reveals he has a son and he’s no longer hiding him.

Following his big break into the limelight in 2019, Lil Nas X revealed he is gay. The American rapper announced his membership of the LGBTQ+ community causing a whole lot of controversies.

Though he seemingly enjoyed the buzz, he had to suffer the wrath of Boosie, who blasted him publically for his sexuality. The controversies were also about how unapologetic and daring he was about his actions.

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However, now Lil Nas X has a son, he revealed recently. This is despite his supposed romantic relationships with men all this while. His said baby boy is a toddler who seems to be just 1 year old, according to the pictures he shared.

The ‘Montero’ hitmaker took to his Instagram Stories to make the confession. He said:

“Yes, I have a son & I’m no longer gonna hide him from this cruel world.”

Moreover, Lil Nas X disclosed his son’s date of birth, which is September 27th, 2021 ostensibly. Check out screenshots of his posts below:

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