Pastor Brian Amoateng denies homeless street boy’s claims, “he is lying”


Pastor Brian Amoateng denies homeless street boy’s claims, “he is lying”

Yesterday, we reported the story of a homeless street boy who was allegedly dumped on the street by Pastor Brian Amoateng. According to the boy, 16, Pastor Brian Amoateng dumped him back on the streets after promising to help him.

The boy made these claims in an interview with YEN NEWS. Ostensibly, it turns out 16-year-old Gideon Boateng lied. In response to our publication, Pastor Brian Amoateng debunked the claims stating the boy lied.

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According to him, the street boy is lying through his teeth, everything he said is a lie. First, the story about his family is false, his father is a police officer and his sister is not a prostitute as he claims.

Moreover, the revered man of God helped him but he run away and he has receipts to prove this. Besides, he helps over a hundred people yearly and that’s his quota for helping the needy.

Meanwhile, Pastor Brian Amoateng commented on iChris’s Instagram post to clear the air. Check out the comment below.

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