Pastor Brian Amoateng vindicated, proves homeless street boy is a fraud


Pastor Brian Amoateng vindicated, proves homeless street boy is a fraud.

International Youth Empowerment Summit(iYES) boss, Pastor Brian Amoateng has been vindicated. Contrary to our earlier report which somewhat chided the evangelist, he has been proven innocent.

The revered man of God was accused of dumping a homeless street boy on the streets. This was after the boy made a false claim against him in an interview with YEN NEWS. He claimed Pastor Brian Amoateng left him on the streets despite promising to help him.

However, following our report, Pastor Brian Amoateng debunked the claim, stating the boy lied. He averred he never reneged his promise made to the boy. He kept his word by helping him, but the boy rather ran away after proving recalcitrant.

Pastor Brian Amoateng denies homeless street boy’s claims, “he is lying”

Moreover, the boy’s parents did not abandon him as he claimed in the video. His sister is not also a prostitute. Both his father and sister are police personnel and they are very saddened by the boy’s gross waywardness.

The renowned Pastor further noted that he has proof to back his counterclaims. True to his words, he provided solid evidence of he taking care of the said homeless street boy. However, the boy rather took to his heels after several acts of recalcitrance.

This vindicated Pastor Brian Amoateng and implicated 16-year-old Gideon Boateng. The supposed homeless street boy has been proven to be a deviant and a fraud. Thus, he deceives none suspecting kind-hearted people with his fabricated sad stories.

Check out the proofs below:

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