Meek Mill apologizes to Ghanaians and the Office of the President


Meek Mill apologizes to Ghanaians and the Office of the President.

American rapper, Meek Mill came under massive attack from Ghanaians after shooting a music video in Ghana’s Jubilee House. He shot a music video at the seat of the President of Ghana, The Jubilee House.

This, many Ghanaians felt was disrespectful to them as a people and undermines the reputation of the august House. They also raised concerns about the security implications of what Meek Mill did.

Moreover, a good number of them also lashed out at the rapper for the profane words used in the rap song. Prior to this, others said the outfit he wore to meet the President was indecent and even disrespectful to him. [He wore basketball shorts.]

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However, following the massive backlash, Meek Mill apologizes to Ghanaians. He, first of all, took down the said music video on all his platforms before rendering the apology afterward.

According to the Grammy-nominated rapper, he was ignorant of the consequences of his actions. He, therefore pleads with the people of Ghana and the Presidency to forgive him.

Nonetheless, he reiterated his commitment to fostering the relationship between Black Americans and Africans. He made these pronouncements via his Twitter handle.

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Check it out below:

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