Christian Atsu prophecizes who Ghana’s next president would be


Christian Atsu prophecizes who Ghana’s next president would be.

Following the sad news of his demise, it has emerged that Christian Atsu prophecized who Ghana’s next president would be. The gifted Ghanaian international football player died in the recent Turkey-Syria earthquake. He was trapped under the rubble for nearly twelve days before being found dead.

In the wake of the gravely sad news, it has come to our attention that Christian Atsu predicted Ghana’s next president before he died. According to a post by Kwame A-Plus, the late Footballer prophecized he(A-Plus) is going to be Ghana’s president one day.

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Kwame A-Plus made this known by posting a message he received from Christian Atsu after he arrived five minutes late for a meeting with him(Christian Atsu). Apparently, Christian Atsu left the venue because of A-Plus’s lateness and sent that message after some time to clarify his actions.

In the said WhatsApp message he posted, Christian Atsu prophecized Kwame A-Plus would be Ghana’s president. This, if it comes to pass, would make him Ghana’s next young president after John Dramani Mahama.

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Parts of Christian Atsu’s message read:

“…I believe you are the future President of this country. One day you will rule over 30 million people who are suffering.”

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