Richie Mensah debunks Kidi’s Stroke rumors


Richie Mensah debunks Kidi’s Stroke rumors.

The CEO of Kidi’s record label, Richie Mensah has debunked the rumors suggesting Kidi has Stroke. According to the artist’s manager, though his artist, Kidi is sick now, it is not Stroke as being purported.

This follows the widespread rumors about Kidi having Stroke. Thus, some bloggers began peddling false reports following Kidi’s absence from social media and the cancellation of his North American tour.

Prior to this, the ‘Touch It’ hitmaker announced he had to cancel his album tour due to his ill health. However, he did not disclose the actual sickness he is currently battling with. These two may have fueled the speculations that Kidi is battling a terminal disease, Stroke to be precise.

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Nonetheless, the VGMA Artiste of the Year 2022’s management has refuted the claims, stating they are false. The CEO of Lynx Entertainment, Richie Mensah took to his Twitter handle to declare Kidi is not suffering from Stroke. Therefore, his fans should ignore the rumors for they are not true.

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