I want to start walking around naked – Wanlov Kubolor reveals


I want to start walking around naked – Wanlov Kubolor reveals

Has it ever crossed your mind how it would feel to hit the streets naked? Yes, with absolutely no clothes on, just your body and everything it has to show.

Well, that is exactly what Wanlov Kubolor
wishes he had the liberty to do. The popular Ghanaian musician says he is jealous of mad people for this very reason. Thus, just as they can walk around naked, he wishes he had the freedom to do the same.

Unfortunately, he cannot do that because is not mad, or at least not yet. However, he dreamed that since nobody cares about mad people’s public nudity, they possibly would not care if he also did the same thing repeatedly for a long time.

In an interview with Ghanaweb, Wanlov said, “I am jealous of mad people. I’m like, why are you walking around naked and no one cares? People would stop caring if I did it right now… [pause]… maybe if I did it for a long time.”

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The only problem he has is that since he is not mentally challenged like those mad people, he may be arrested. He bemoaned he is not as lucky as them, to be mentally ill.

In view of this, Wanlov Kubolor said he needs to make more money to be able to pay his way through if he is arrested for doing it. Or better still, he would pretend to be suffering from mental instability just to have his way.

“I think I need to have enough money in case I am arrested for public nudity. Until they realize that maybe I do have a mental problem, they won’t leave me alone,” he added.

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Meanwhile, speaking of why he usually wears minimal clothing, he explained the human body does not need clothes that much.

Thus, the human body is like an air conditioning system that works by sweating, and when the breeze comes into contact with the sweat, it quickly cools the body down. So when we wear clothes and the wind blows against the sweat-soaked clothes, the effect is not the same. That is why he chooses to wear less clothing and now, he even wants to go naked.

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