Cause of TikToker Ahuofe’s death revealed as manager reacts to his poisoning rumors


Cause of TikToker Ahuofe’s death revealed as manager reacts to his poisoning rumors.

The Manager of Popular Ghanaian TikToker, Ahuofe Abrantie also known as Ghana Tupac reveals what led to his death. The sudden demise of the social media sensation came as shocking news to many.

Many Ghanaians were saddened by his death because it prematurely truncated his fast rise to fame. Thus, the fame he enjoyed did not last as expected, which is ostensibly a disheartening fall from grace.

Following the news were rumors that Ahuafe was poisoned to death. However, his manager has debunked the rumors, detailing what ensued in the TikToker’s last days.

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According to him, Ahuofe 2Pac was taken ill and had to be rushed to the Tech Hospital, where he unfortunately passed on. He went on to reveal that they have not been informed of he exact cause of his death.

Nonetheless, they know he is a drunkard, so they can attribute his death to that to a very large extent. Besides, he complained of general body pains and weakness, which he thinks may have been triggered because he likes drinking too much.

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Meanwhile, the TikToker was reported dead on Thursday, 30th March 2023. Ahuofe Tupac may be dead, but his memory lives on thanks to his TikTok videos.

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