Charterhouse to announce 2019 VGMA Artist of the Year and Most Popular Song of the Year awards


Charterhouse to announce VGMA Artist of the Year and Most Popular Song of the Year awards not announced in the past.

The organizers of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards(VGMA), Charterhouse Ghana may announce winners of two award categories of the past. The awards categories, Artist of The Year and Most Popular Song Of The Year are the ones to be announced.

The winners of the two award categories would have to be announced because they were not announced previously. Precisely speaking, the awards which were supposed to be announced in 2019 at the 20th edition of the VGMA are the ones in question.

The Artist of The Year and Most Popular Song Of The Year awards were not announced in 2019 due to the scuffle that ensued between Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale. The chaos on the awards night led to the withdrawal of the awards the two won on the night and their indefinite ban from the award scheme.

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Moreover, Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale were arrested and they faced multiple charges. The former was accused of brandishing a gun whiles the latter was accused of causing the incident and public disturbance jointly and severally with his counterpart.

However, years down the line, the ban imposed on the two Dancehall artists was lifted. This was in 2022 and Stonebwoy joined the awards scheme again whiles Shatta Wale took the entrenched position of going his separate way from the scheme.

This year, the organizers are now considering the possibility of announcing the awards they did not announce in 2019. Charterhouse’s Public Events and Communications Officer, Robert Klah disclosed conversations are currently ongoing regarding the two unannounced awards.

According to him, they would announce the 2019 Artist of the Year and Most Popular Song Of The Year if the discussions are fruitful. He further revealed they are considering doing so as part of the VGMA’s 25th-anniversary celebration next year.

Watch the video below:

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The big question now is, should the VGMA announce the winners of the two awards? If yes, who do you think would be the winner or winners?

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