Fosu Emmanuel wins KNUST Obuasi SRC presidential elections with a landslide victory


Fosu Emmanuel wins KNUST Obuasi SRC presidential elections with a landslide victory.

A rise from his previous post, the former KNUST Obuasi SRC Vice President, Master Fosu Emmanuel wins the KNUST Obuasi SRC presidency election. With an unforeseen landslide victory, the ambitious lad won the elections yesterday.

In the build-up to the polls, it was quite uncertain what the outcome would be. The fast-unfolding future was ostensibly foggy. Nonetheless, what was evident was that it was a keenly contested election with all candidates bent on winning.

This probably explains why several students find the vast sums of votes that corroborated Fosu Emmanuel’s victory a little surprising. He won with a whopping 556 of the total vote cast, representing 43.2%. Whiles his opponents lagged in the 200s. This, many did not foresee even with all the insights available as hindsight now gets the better of them.

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Thus, the runner-ups, Ennin Theophilus, Ankrah Derrick, and Abubakar Tamiebu Manaf had 252, 249, and 206 votes respectively. This placed Ennin Theophilus second, Ankrah Derrick third, and Abubakar Tamiebu Manaf fourth.

Moreover, other winners in the SRC General elections are Boateng Marilyn for General Secretary, Affum Nicholas for Financial Secretary, and Owusu Amoh Claudia for Women’s Commissioner. Congratulations to all the winners and goodwill to those who were defeated.

Meanwhile, we have a copy of the election results in a pictorial form. You may check it out below.

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The election results

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