Wendy Shay’s car accident, a fatal replay of Ebony Reigns death?


Wendy Shay’s car accident, a fatal replay of Ebony Reigns’ death?

Multiples award-winning Ghanaian singer, Wendy Shay was involved in a car accident on the Kwabenya Highway. The songstress was in her Wrangler driving from Kwabenya when she collided with a tipper truck.

According to the report her car collided with the tipper truck despite all her efforts to avoid it. Her customized number-plated Wrangler skidded off the road into a ditch. She and the car nearly somersaulted after veering off the road but for the gutter.

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Moreover, the songstress in a very disoriented state following the devastating ordeal complained of severe pains in her head. Apparently, she had hit her head against the car’s dashboard, she confirmed this before being rushed to the hospital.

The unfortunate incident happened around midnight today. Nonetheless, the Uber Driver hitmaker was salvaged from the incident which could have been a gory accident on the highway.

Meanwhile, this brings to memory the sudden loss of her Record Label mate, Ebony Reigns. Thus, since Ebony’s death resulted from a similar car accident, it leaves much to be desired. RuffTown Records should avert a tragic fate replay.

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