Shatta Wale’s dubious Artiste of the Year win, Black Sherif’s stolen glory


Shatta Wale’s dubious Artiste of the Year win, Black Sherif’s stolen glory. Performance for Awards again?

Shatta Wale won Artiste of the Year at the Ghana Music Awards UK last night. This came as no surprise to many because they were privy to rumored plans to give him the said award.

He won the award amongst other awards including Most Popular Song of the Year, Reggae/Dancehall Artist of the Year, Reggae/Dancehall Song of the Year, and Most Dominant Fanbase of the Year. These brought his award wins on the awards night to a total of five(5) awards.

This is synonymous with what happened at the 3 Music Awards 2019 when Shatta Wale won nine(9) awards after headlining the awards show. You may have heard of the bizarre revelations that later emanated from that, but let us not delve into that.

So we would like to find out from Shatta’s camp whether last night’s awards were just a coincidence or a replay of what happened at the 3 Music Awards.

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Meanwhile, in the build-up to the recent Ghana Music Awards UK, there were widespread speculations of a grand scheme to award him Artiste of the Year. According to multiple sources and intel, the organizers were going to give him that award amongst other awards. Lo and behold, that is exactly what happened last night.

The purported script at play was to have him perform at the awards and give him those awards in exchange. Therefore, since he headlined the show, he obviously was just awaiting the crown for his hard work in that performance.

However, this also raises the question of whether or not he truly deserved the awards, most especially the Artiste of the Year and Most Popular Song of the Year. This is because his contemporaries like Black Sherif deserved it more than he did due to his indisputable dominance within the year under review.

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In view of this, it is safe to say that Shatta Wale’s dubious Artiste of the Year win at the Ghana Music Awards UK 2023 was Black Sherif’s stolen glory. Thus, the Kweku The Traveller hitmaker outworked himself, and the immense feats of his works give adequate credence to this.

Nonetheless, if still in doubt about the merit of this case, read what Shatta Wale himself confessed about his award wins at the 3 Music Awards 2019 via the link below.

I rest my case.

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