Shatta Wale’s false £80,000 payment claim brouhaha. A taste of his own poison?


Shatta Wale’s false £80,000 payment claim brouhaha. A taste of his own poison?

Shatta Wale was not paid any £80K for his performance at the Ghana Music Awards UK and you do not need rocket science to deduce this fact. How can an organiser who is grossing less than £50K pay someone over 1 million cedis?

Meanwhile, Kwasi Aboagye has the right to report on Shatta Wale’s alleged false claims, it’s part of his job. In fact, he can do that and more as a matter of his journalistic opinion.

However, come to think of it, does Shatta Wale have the right to hit back at him, casting slurs at him and his bosses? Well, yes and a big NO.

Yes because Shatta Wale also reserves the right to respond to Kwasi Aboagye’s reportage to refute or debunk it. He however does not have to utterly disrespect the latter in doing like the way he did.

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A big NO because under the law, you can’t attack any journalist for his editorials. Thus, journalistic opinions of journalists are protected by law.

Nonetheless, what did we see in Shatta Wale case? An utter disregard of the law and basic ethics.

Nobody is saying Shatta Wale should not have responded, but he should have done so reasonably. Besides, Kwasi Aboagye’s reportage and subsequent respondence was devoid of such unprintable utterances.

For those pretending as though Shatta Wale is just peeved because he was poked, please come again. The artist in question denigrates anyone at will. So wouldn’t it be just a taste of his own poison if anyone also decides to do same to him?

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Well, read what he said about his colleague, Stonebwoy below:

Stop making it look like a spotless maid was pelted with taint, enraging her. Stop making it look like Shatta Wale has the right to disrespect anyone he feels like doing so to and no one has the right to comment on his behavior.

He who comes into equity must come with clean hands.

I rest my case.

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