Shatta Wale’s smart moves in Incoming: would he sin no more?


Shatta Wale’s smart moves in Incoming: would he sin no more?

Shatta Wale is a smart guy and there are no two ways about this. I have always maintained this position on him despite his excesses and the fact that he mostly tries to be over-smart. That explains why we usually have to call him out.

However, what called for this eulogy, especially in these recent times when I have made multiple reports of his goofs? Well, let’s just say he is back on track, by now making the right moves, smart moves I must reiterate.

Shatta Wale’s release of ‘Incoming’ featuring Tekno has been nothing less than a huge success. The first song off his forthcoming Konekt Album has been doing well following its release.

First of all, the song was a strategic collaboration between the Ghanaian dancehall crooner and the Nigerian act. This was evidently aimed at tapping into Nigeria’s wider audience base and making a greater marketing impact.

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Moreover, in the build-up to the release, Shatta Wale was on King Perry’s song, Denge. This was another smart move to weather the grounds for the release of his song, Incoming.

It is also worth noting that his recent projects are a collaborative work of his handlers, Fantasy Entertainment and Bankulli Entertainment. Even though his alliance with Bankuli is not the first of its kind by a Ghanaian as Sarkodie did the same with his Black Love album, it is a very laudable move.

Thus, you cannot downplay the impact of the Grammy-nominated producer and his influence on the Nigerian music space. He is expected to open doors for Shatta Wale as he releases his Konekt Album and we cannot wait to see how it all pans out.

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Furthermore, the world premiere of the song was done the BBC Radio 1Xtra and has been since been plugged into media platforms both locally and internationally. Excellent moves, I must confess.

Meanwhile, though Shatta Wale’s recent moves are smart and commendable, would he not slip back into his usual old self? Would he sin no more?

This is a CRITICal Critique, I rest my case.

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