Why Nigerians still come to Ghana to promote their music and movies


Why Nigerians still come to Ghana to promote their music and movies.

Why do Nigerians still come to Ghana to promote their songs and movies, I wondered. This got me thinking and ended up as a moment of epiphany.

Ghana has a population of about 30 million people and Nigeria has a population of over 200 million people. This places Nigeria at a far more advantageous position in the entertainment industry where the numbers game is the order of the day.

So why would Nigerians leave their huge population size in pursuit of Ghana’s peasant 30 million people? There came the epiphany.

More often than not, we see Nigerian superstars troop to Ghana for marketing purposes of their films and musical projects. This is although most of these acts have reached far greater heights than most of their Ghanaian counterparts.

This begs the question, what do they see in Ghana that Ghanaians acts don’t? Well, I got some answers to that.

First of all, Ghana is one of the most hospitable countries in Africa, if not the most hospitable country on the continent. In fact, the people of Ghana are hospitable to a fault.

This is because their hospitality tends to make them give more audience to foreigners even far as much to the detriment of their indigenes. Ghanaians are just too welcoming to everything and everyone, they tend to lose touch with their very own.

Secondly, Ghana is the gateway to Africa. The historical, cultural, and political wealth of the nation makes it the top go-to place on the continent. Talk less of it being the home of most of Africa’s best tourist sites.

Last but not least, Ghana represents the prevailing taste and preference of modern-day Africa. That is why December In Ghana is such a big thing on the continent drawing in the highest number of diasporans year in and year out.

Moreover, if anything is big in Ghana, then the rest of Africa would also love it. Thus, though the country is mostly seen as a trend follower, its acceptance or adoption of the trend makes all the difference in its further success.

Lest I forget, Ghana is a fertile ground for all talents to thrive. Patoranking, Mr Eazi, and JZyNo were made in Ghana despite being non-Ghanaians and these are just but a few of such cases. Foreign talents that make it big in Ghana tend to be much more successful everywhere else.

Therefore, this is the answer to why Nigerians come to Ghana for the promotion of their music and movies. Ghana offers Nigeria and the rest of Africa what they find in no other country on the continent and that is easy dominance.

Thus, they are able to easily dominate the Ghanaian music scene and that of movies, the ripple effect of which is more than icing on the cake.

I rest my case.

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