Ghana’s biggest social media post of all time


Ghana’s biggest social media post of all time record set.

The record of the biggest social media post of all time by a Ghanaian has just been set by a young Ghanaian blogger. This major feat took into consideration both Ghanaians in Ghana and Ghanaians around the world and the record was achieved by iChris.

Thus, the celebrity blogger, iChris made Ghana’s biggest post on social media of all time. He chalked this historic feat recently with a post he made on his Facebook page less than a week ago.

You may check out the post below:

This record of the biggest Ghanaian social media post of all time was attained with a cumulative traction of over a hundred million post activities. It includes over 40 million video views, over 50 million post reach, and nearly 100 million impressions.

Moreover, the post generated millions of engagements, which entailed an estimated 8 thousand comments, 70 thousand shares, and 400 thousand likes. These plus a few other social media post metrics collectively made iChris’s Facebook post, Ghana’s biggest social media post of all time.

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The post’s stats

For the record, the post accumulated all these numbers in less than a week after the post was made. Thus, just a few days after posting, which also makes it the fastest record time used to attain the feat. Also, the post reached these huge milestones organically, thus without any paid ads.

Meanwhile, one may wonder how we arrived at this declaration. The basis for this historic record pronouncement is very simple. Research was conducted to ascertain this. It looked into some of Ghana’s top posts made on social media, and none of them had numbers close to what the post in question had amassed.

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The Post’s Reach

Further, the post found to be the biggest social media post in Ghana is still growing exponentially by the day. This means that the post statistics noted in this article may even be lesser than what they would have eventually become later.

Until then, the post by iChris is the biggest social media post ever made by a Ghanaian on social media. Watch a video of iChris giving a breakdown of the nitty-gritty of this below.

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