Gary Dranow teams up with Chris Zoupa on “Floating Away”


Gary Dranow teams up with Chris Zoupa on “Floating Away” and it will blow you away.

Here comes the incredibly moving and poignant track by two of the most talented artists of our time, Gary Dranow and Chris Zoupa, titled “Floating Away”.

The song, “Floating Away” is here to warm the hearts of listeners and inspire reflection as it conveys the bare and authentic emotions that arose out of the reuniting of Gary Dranow and his friend Harold Deblanc after about a decade.

Their new track is quite egregious because it actually captures the emotions that stemmed from their reunion, as Harold found solace and healing from the sad incident of the huge loss of his fiancee last year to suicide.

That is why the lyrics and melody of “Floating Away” clearly show the power of music in creating reconnection and healing by depicting friendship bonding, loss, and resilience.

During their conversation about the song, Gary Dranow mentioned that:

“Music is more than just notes and lyrics; it’s a medium to express the depth of human emotions and experiences. ‘Floating Away’ is our tribute to the enduring power of friendship and the healing that can come from reconnecting with someone you care about deeply.”

Moreover, the new single is no doubt that unique song that conveys the depth of message the human soul needs and was well composed by the real talents of Gary Dranow and Chris Zoupa.

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