Gary Dranow’s new single “Self Sacrifice”


Gary Dranow’s new single “Self Sacrifice” has all the captivating experience you would ever long for.

We introduce to you the most captivating new single release that was birthed out of a fruitful collaboration between the multi-talented artist, Gary Dranow with The Manic Emotions.

Self Sacrifice” conveys a pure blend of a unique intense storyline and raw emotions, which delves deep into the complications of the emotional and inner turmoils of humanity. This track’s lyrical depth speaks of the conflicts within an individual and the ramifications that come with one’s actions.

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The new single has it’s beginning lines as “You feel a dark light deep in your heart, You knew that was a mistake,” which immediately draws the listener of the melodious music in with its evocative imagery.

Gary Dranow

In as much as the song still proceeds with its poetic catchy storytelling and melodies, Gary‘s single has painted the pictures of karma, sacrifice, and the inevitable darkness within us all.

“I call on every lover of musical artwork to invest a listening ear to this mesmerizing melody and great vocals that would have a lasting impact on its audiences,” he said.

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