Proklaim releases Righteous, his new song


Proklaim releases Righteous, his new song from the depths of his experiences.

Rapper cum solo artist, Proklaim is out with his new single dubbed Righteous. Right from the strings of his guitar, he discovered his love for rap and subsequently beats.

Now, the lead guitarist is an independent artist and songwriter, who still raps along with his beat-making. Proklaim is a mixed bag of a bevy of beautiful talents in the art that has transcended seamlessly into his music.

He is currently out with Righteous his latest release, which we can confidently say occupies a special place in his catalogue.

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With musical inspiration from the likes of Big Punisher, Jay-Z, Lauryn Hill, Wutang Clan, Nas Tupac, and Notorious Big, he brings something top-notch to the hip-hop genre. Proklaim‘s favorite quote is “Carpe Diem” which means “cease the day” and that’s exactly what he does with his music.

Reminiscing his stage appearances, we can recall his awesome cameo in the music video for “Kingz” on MTV Base. Moreover, the new song’s creative process started with him being struck by the rhythm of a beat that resonated with him and his style of music.

“Righteous was the product of coming across a beat that gave me the urge to create,” he said.

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Proklaim – Righteous

Meanwhile, Proklaim‘s “Righteous” was recorded at Pin Pushaz Studios and Mixed and Mastered by Audio Art Namibia. The song is a flow of his inner mullings and an expression of ideas based on life as he has experienced it.

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