Proklaim’s fuses hip hop into Afrobeats in Civil


Proklaim’s fuses hip hop into Afrobeats in Civil, his new single.

Versatile hip-hop talent, Proklaim takes us on civil trial with his new release, Civil. Though this civil trial will not end you behind bars, it definitely got bars on bars.

The new song fuses boom-bap hip-hop and West African Afrobeats along with pure hip hop lyricism for the perfect masterpiece. The Afrobeats music is now taking over the world by storm and it is a good time hop on the sound.

Interestingly, the song, Civil is the first of a series of Afrobeats songs Proklaim decided to rap on. This was at the end of 2023 when he decided to explore the genre by rapping on African-themed music. It was a great attempt, to say the least, and the subsequent ones can only be better than this one.

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The renowned rapper noted he was inspired by his goal to create music that felt good and exuded excitement about life while embedding messages that edify a diverse range of people. Moreover, the song is one that embodies the themes that drive his creativity and purpose as inspired by what he holds dear to him.

Since it was the first of a few songs he recorded in the later part of 2023 in December in which he used Afrobeats, he made sure each musical perfectly fell in place. This is because he wanted his first or initial attempt at the Afrobeats music genre to be the best it could be.

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Proklaim – Civil

Meanwhile, Civil was recorded at Pen Pushaz Entertainment studios and mixed and Mastered as Audio Art Namibia. Just his favourite quote, “forgetting what lies behind press forward” he forges ahead after this record and never looks back to the wrongs of yesteryear.

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