Love Ghost’s 4-track EP, The Speed Of Dreaming


Love Ghost’s 4-track EP, The Speed Of Dreaming released this February.

Los Angeles-based American alternative rock band, Love Ghost releases their latest EP, “THE SPEED OF DREAMING”. The Extended Play(EP)’s track list features four(4) songs, which they recorded in Mexico City.

The talented music duo put this beautiful musical work of art together to communicate their emotive tendencies. These emotive tendencies were to express their feelings while asleep and dreaming.

Love Ghost

That is why songs on “THE SPEED OF DREAMING” carry the emotional journey that their sleep sometimes leads them on. The beautiful compositions are sure to take you on a dive into the world of sweet dreams just like theirs.

The four(4) songs on the EP are as follows:

1. Be Not Afraid
A modern Pop Punk song about obsessive love. It was produced by Mexico’s Alex Pedrero and features an AI music video from renowned Latvian artist, iastitraia.

This is an Emo Alternative Rock song with Acoustic Spanish Guitar influences and lyrics in Spanish and English. It is a collaboration with Mexico’s El Santi and was produced by Mexico’s Alex Pedrero.

It is an Emo-Pop-Rock song with Spanish Guitar influences. The song is in collaboration with Mexican artists, Helian and MONDE and Co-produced by Mexico’s BrunOG and Monde.

4. Wallflower
This song is an acoustic ballad with modern synth elements, which was produced by Mexico’s Alex Pedrero, and features an AI music video from Polish artist, Michal Toczek.

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