Proklaim’s new Afrobeats-rap-ballad fusion single, “4 Me”


The latest Afrobeats-rap-ballad song from Proklaim, “4 Me” is consciously designed to feed audiences with good feelings anytime they press the play button. I bet you, you really need to know how this feels, so won’t be left out.

“I love music that feels good to listen to, as well as feels good to make organically. It’s the feeling I seek” the singer mentioned in an interview. It’s therefore not surprising why almost all of his songs including the current one, “4 Me” convey original life experiences and authentic emotional feelings of humanity.

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However, did you know the incredibly talented artist (Proklaim) has his favorite quote as “Carpe diem” which means, “Cease the day”? This reminds him to consistently put in his very best in other to always take charge of the systems he exists in.


Check out the song on all digital platforms to testify to the thrilling feelings of raw emotions that stemmed from his real-life experiences. I promise you, you will surely love this melodious original sound of Proklaim.

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