Another Afrobeats, Pop and Hip-hop fusion from Proklaim, “For You”


The song, “For You” was originally produced on the basis that, Love can and should have the best motivational energy which can affect our actions across most of the numerous facets of life.

The new single went through a series of original sequences before it was recorded at the Pen Pushaz Studio and Mixed and Mastered by Audio Art Namibia.

This was started by the artist selecting and buying the beat online, humming an incredible melody to the beat followed by a hook and eventually writing and laying down the verses.

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Letting love motivate the daily endeavours of one’s life is the nub of this incredible song of Proklaim. In his quest for an Afrobeats song, he decided to settle for a very Pop-sounding cross-over sound in this particular track. It is therefore an Afrobeats cross-over song, you can’t miss out on.

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