A groundbreaking single from V of 40M, “The Score”


V of 40M is set to bring forth a tremendous change into the world of Hip-hop music with this magnificent track, “The Score”. V of 40M known for his powerful artworks is also known as the architect of “Revolutionary Rap” which speaks more of his drive for a revolutionary change in the world of music.

This track was powerfully produced by LABACK and features 40M Tye and Hippie G who are both members of the 40M. V of 40M is the leader of the Black Independence people’s movement known as 40M which stands for Forty Million Strong (40M).

However, the major aim and goal of this particular movement is to establish a sovereign land and autonomous rule for the Black people. This was seamlessly integrated into V’s music, making it more unique and creating an impactful experience for listeners.

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“The Score” leaves a conspicuous mark in V’s music career as it combines thought-provoking lyrics with diversity for he making a collaboration with the crew members, creating a powerful earworm anthem which resonates with the revolutionary spirit of the 40M movement and the larger audience base globally.

V of 40M and his colleague comrades of 40M, 40M Tye and Hippie G are back from the long break of almost 3 decades with V’s quintessential revolutionary twist of modern-day classic Hip-hop. This is the vibe the world wouldn’t want to miss in this era of evolution, and neither should you.

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