Don Bonya teams up with Ball J and Lapricaty on “Unchangeable”


Don Bonya, a talented singer with a unique sound, has collaborated with Ball J and Lapricaty to create an exciting new single called “Unchangeable”. The track showcases the artists‘ synergy and capabilities of blending different influences, resulting in a fresh and captivating artwok in music.

Don Bonya

Also, the new single, “Unchangeable” conveys a blend of various musical styles including, Bringing trap, Afrobeats, and Dancehall, with a modern hip-hop drum beat and Afro-inspired melodies.The lyrical vocals stand out with a blend of rap flow and melodic voices too, adding charisma and personality to the track’s lyrical message.

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However, the artists, Ball J and Lapricaty brought their various flairs to the song, adding variety and depth to the track. This gave it a diversified and catchy yet unpredictable arrangement that will keep listeners engaged and impressed.

Lest I forget, the production quality is also noteworthy, with a well-balanced instrumental mix that provides a crisp tone and plenty of positive energy. The vocals are with a bright and smooth treble range, making it a polished and professional sound.

“Unchangeable” is a standout track that showcases the artists’ creativity and talent. Don Bonya’s unique sound and collaboration with Ball J and Lapricaty result in a must-listen single that pushes the boundaries of music production.

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