Sam Feinstein releases “Need Me” ahead his new project


Sam Feinstein is a talented bassist and solo artist who crafts unique sounds that blend catchy hooks, atmospheric synthesizers, and rock guitar. His music is a impeccable fusion of styles that will leave you wanting more.

The singer’s latest synth-rock ballad single, “Need Me,” is an introspective song which was written from the perspective of an addiction, begging the addict to affirm their love while hinting at the true abusive nature of their relationship.

However it is worth noting that, Sam has been making music under his own name since 2022. He draws inspirations from influential bands like Eurhythmics, Talking Heads, Tom Waits, and Here Come the Mummies.

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Also, the talented artist has appeared on several international music shows including the likes of the Formula Indie radio show and on Euro Indie Music along with The Monitors. Currently, he regularly plays shows with The Monitors in San Jose, California.

Sam’s music has received praise from critics, with one reviewer proclaiming that, “Such well-crafted pop songwriting in a quirky shell with super impressive production!”. His solo works, including “Need Me,” showcases his ability to craft infectious and atmospheric soundscapes.

This new, single “Need Me” was fully produced by Sam, who plays all the instruments and brings his vision to life. The song is a testament to his love of Pink Floyd and Weezer, blending their styles into a unique sound of music.

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With “Need Me” and his upcoming projects, he is sure to make a lasting impact on the music scene. You do not want to miss out on this incredible moments in store for you, from Sam Feinstein.

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