Okuapeman SHS upstage DPS


Okuapeman SHS continued their winning ways in Senior Sharks 7 by defeating Dehli Private School (DPS) in a closely fought Second Round contest.

It was one of the exciting but nerve-racking see-saw battles that the Senior Sharks 7 keeps churning on a weekly basis. Both schools are highly regarded in the Senior Sharks quiz, having participated in almost all seasons of Senior Sharks.

This contest, however, was more than just a mere pursuit of respect, as a place in the Ranked Schools stood in waiting. It was Okuapeman (Okuass) who started this contest in superior position, but DPS were not the least perturbed. Okuapeman could have thrown up their arms when DPS came into the contest strongly in Round 2.

Knowing fully the unwritten rule in Senior Sharks, Okuapeman kept going, and going, until the last segment of the last round of this contest. DPS upon sober reflection, would wish they had been a bit more decisive in the first round of this contest. Their loss, however, is Okuapeman’s gain, who are now given a seat at the Ranked Schools table.

Right Corner Round

DPS did the honors and cut the ribbon for this contest to begin by displaying their expertise in General Knowledge. But the best they could do was twenty (20) points at the end. Okuapeman bettered their score against Academy of Christ The King in their last contest by ending this round with fifty (50) points.

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R Cubed Round

Contests in Senior Sharks have their watershed moments and the Reading and Writing segment of this contest was one. Both DPS and Okuapeman showed very good proficiency in the Reading and Arithmetic segment. In the Arithmetic segment, both schools again exhibited impressive mathematical acumen. End of Round scores gave Okuass thirty (30) points and DPS a victory enhancing fifty-five (55) points.

STEM Round

As the contest appeared to be headed for a stalemate, DPS buzzed quickly on the first riddle in an unsuccessful attempt at pulling away from Okuass. Okuapeman had their chance on the second riddle and they didn’t make a mistake. Both schools then relied on their experience in the Senior Sharks, and were extremely reluctant to attract negative scores. They both ended the round with five (5) points to keep the point difference. between first and second-place at five (5) points.

One-on-one Round

Lawrencia and Gabrielle walked into a tensed auditorium as English experts for Okuass and DPS respectively. The thunderous applause in the auditorium came from Okuass and it was in response to the brilliant answers provided by Lawrencia. Math experts Kofi Ayim and Eyram stood for DPS and Okuass respectively.
Their attempts were futile, even though Kofi was closer to the answers.

Jeremiah and Kofi Oware came as experts in Science for Okuass and DPS respectively but their best efforts all returned negative.
Sumaya and Richard made up the General Knowledge specialists for DPS and Okuass respectively. The only commendable news for DPS in this round came from Sumaya when she bagged the first question of this segment.
Both contestants were not comedy-enthusiastic enough to decipher the voice of favourite Ghanaian comic, OB Amponsah. That was the second question.

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DPS International were rewarded with ten (10) points, as Okuass got twenty (20) points.
In totality therefore, DPS had ninety (90) points while Okuapeman posted one hundred and five (105) points. DPS International missed a glorious opportunity to follow the victorious run of their Juniors in Junior Sharks 7. Better luck to them and all credit to Okuapeman SHS for a job well done!

Quiz Results

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